BON4M Extra locking pins and spacers

US$ 19.00

Purchase Extra Spacers & Locking Pins - BON4Micro or BON4M Series

BON4M Spacers & Pins

US$ 19.00

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BON4M Extra Locking Pins and Spacers

Product Content & Specifications

We offer you:

BON4M Extra Locking Pins and Spacers

Spacers & Locking Pins – Now, at a reasonable price, you can order an extra set of spacers and locking pins for your BON4M series cage.

Whether your Keyholder needs an extra set to keep you locked away during a deep cleaning or to guard against accidental loss, an extra set of these essential parts provides you both with confidence. Add a set to your original order or later as the need arises.

These are available only for the BON4M series cages, available since late 2018. They won’t fit earlier models. Please note there are two different sets of spacers and pins available, one for the BON4Micro, the other for the BON4M and the BON4ML. Be sure to order the set corresponding to your cage. Pins and spacers are available only as a complete set.

As a further guard against loss, we suggest keeping all spacers and pins tied together with a string and kept in a safe place.

Product Content & Specifications

  • 3 Different sizes of locking pins
  • 2 Different sizes of spacers
  • All the material is made of stainless steel
  • 1 year full warranty

Note: Keep away from babies & small children

We offer you:
  • All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping
  • One year full warranty
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