BON4M Series stainless steel padlock

US$ 19.00

Lock your Cock with the Especially for the BON4M Series Designed Stainless Steel Padlock

BON4M Series Padlock

US$ 19.00

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BON4M Series Stainless Steel Padlock

Product Content & Specifications

We offer you:

BON4M Series Stainless Steel Padlock

NEW – The BON4M series stainless steel padlocks, specially designed for the 2018/2019 cage series, are available in additional pairs, each individually keyed. Add to your order or as a separate purchase later.

My cage comes with two locks. Why do I need more?

Keyholder games! “Oh, honey, I want to free you, but I can’t tell which key goes with which lock.” Or use colored tape to color code locks and keys — incorrectly. Then hand your sub the keys and tell him if he can release himself, he gets to call the sexual tune. But the keys don’t match and you may withhold the proper key at your option.

Subtle public submission! Make your sub use the attractively labeled BON4 locks on luggage or cabinets. Those in the know will give you that sly smile.

The possibilities are endless. Tell us about your lock and key games.

Product Content & Specifications

  • Height 0.78″(20mm) / length 0.67″ (17mm)
  • Stainless steel padlock + 2 keys
  • Weight 0.95 oz (27 g)
  • Shackle diameter 0.11″ (3mm)
  • 1 year warranty
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