BON4 male silicone cock cage transparent clear & red & black

US$ 149.00

Stay Comfy Locked and Secured in the BON4 Transparent Clear & Red & Black


US$ 149.00

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BON4 Silicone Cock Cage Transparent Clear & Red & Black

Product Content & Specifications

BON4plus Silicone Chastity Package

BON4 Silicone Cock Cage Transparent Clear & Red & Black

Tantalizing. You can see it, but you can’t touch. Remember how powerful you felt when stiff? Now, you remain limp, under the control of your Keyholder. With your small to medium cock safely behind the transparent BON4 silicone chastity cover, your cute shaft is on display, but can’t get you in trouble.

Many men in chastity prefer the soft comfort of silicone to other materials. Comfortable enough to wear 24/7 or longer, the BON4 will keep you obedient to your Keyholder. The four soft silicone cock and ball rings (CBRs) allow you to pick the best fit, at once secure and comfortable. Then connect the cage and carefully thread the plastic retainer around the ring and over the pin. Click goes the lock! Now,subserviently hand over the keys to your Keyholder.

Your keyholder proudly controls your shaft, confident you can’t misbehave. No more time-wasting wanking. You remain ever ready to obey, yearning for release.
If you ever gain release, keep your BON4 in the velvet storage bag. Keep your silicone trap out of the sun to avoid damage.

Traveling by air? Any time you expect to pass through a metal detector, beg your Keyholder to restrain your hands install plastic seal locks, part of the BON4 package. Metal-free chastity allows discrete passage through checkpoints. Frequent flyers can order more at checkout.

Product Content & Specifications

Silicone cage 3.46″
Internal cage length 2.5″
Cage opening diameter 1.25″
Silicone back rings (1.57″, 1.73″, 1.89″ & 2.05″) 4
Nylon pin 1
Plastic locking straps 2
Individually numbered plastic seal locks 5
A top quality padlock 1


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BON4plus Silicone Chastity Package

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