Keep your Large Cock Locked & Controlled Until your Keyholder Releases you



BON4ML Large Cock Control in Stainless Steel

Product Content & Specifications

BON4ML Large Cock Control in Stainless Steel

NEW – Are you a well-endowed male? Does your Keyholder wish you were? Either way, the innovative BON4M Large steel cage will keep you in your place and obedient. The big dick (2.6″ – 4.0″ / 66 – 100 mm) you’re so proud of hangs its head submissively. An average length cock (4.0″ – 5.2″ / 101 – 132 mm) can be even more fun in an oversize cage. Imagine the frustration and desperation you’ll feel as your Keyholder teases you visually or cradles your jewels, partially growing your cute toy until it bulges from the confining cage! Don’t sit there wondering what it looks like. See some examples on (mainly pics of the 2017/2018 BON4M Series as the new BON4M Series has recently been launched).

Together with your Keyholder, or as a heartfelt gift, place your order and await the discreet package. Undo the soft storage bag carefully and remove the parts from the protective plastic. Under your Keyholder’s direction, experiment to find which scrotal ring fits best. Experiment to find the one that is secure without pinching. Further experiments will show which retainer ring and spacing sleeve fit best. Now, the moment of truth. Click! One compression of your Keyholder’s thumb and forefinger and you are under control at last!

  • The handcrafted cage contains and displays your manhood gracefully.
  • Six scrotal rings in two millimeter diameter increments ensure you’ll find the one that keeps you secure comfortable.
  • Three locking pins, each with a precisely sized sleeve, allow you to determine the optimal width.
  • The special BON4 lock comes with two keys. Don’t expect to be given one!
  • All devices in the innovative BON4M Series (available since December, 2018) come with a tag and a QR code. Scan it to see our instructional video for help with your fitting.
  • Once properly fitted, your Keyholder’s BON4 M Large can be worn 24/7, as long as your Keyholder decrees.

Product Content & Specifications

  • Stainless steel designer cage
  • Overall assembled length: 4.33″
  • Internal cage length: 3.35″
  • Cage opening diameter: 1.42″
  • 7 Different sizes of stainless CBR’s (cock and ball rings) : 1.57″, 1.65″, 1.73″, 1.81″, 1.89″, 1.97″ and 2.05″
  • 3 Different sizes of stainless steel locking pins
  • 2 different sizes of spacers
  • A especially for the BON4M Series designed stainless steel padlock
  • Black velvet pouch
  • 5 unique numbers laser-engraved on the cage. These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.
  • Weight of the complete BON4MLarge cage + 1.89″ CBR + pad lock = 0.59 lb / 266 gr

Note: The alignment pins on the New BON4MLarge are welded.
Once delivered, open the discreet package and try which ring size of the large selection of CBR’s fits you best.
One can also order additional CBR’s as there are now 13! different sizes available.


Use your smartphone to scan the QR-code

We offer you:

  • All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping
  • One year full warranty
  • Discreet shipping and packaging
  • Delivery to any country
  • Secure payment in your own currency
  • Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency

All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping.
One year full warranty.
Discreet shipping and packaging.
Delivery to any country.
Secure payment in your own currency.
Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency.


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  • FedEx International Economy (free)
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All discreet packages are shipped from  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Whilst checking out, you can opt for:

FedEx International Economy (free).
Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

FedEx International Priority (US$ 36.00).
Delivery the next business day.

All genuine BON4 products are shipped with FedEx from: Company BON4, Biesveld 4, 5673BN Nuenen, the Netherlands. Tel: 0031-6499 85740

BON4ML Instruction Movie