Hygiene for Cocks Caged in the BON4M Series

Any penis restraint has the potential to trap bacteria and bodily fluids, or to chafe. Men react differently to different restraint designs and materials, though manufacturers use hypoallergenic materials to reduce the likelihood of irritation and infection. You and your Keyholder should carefully monitor your skin, especially when first venturing into chastity or when using a new device. BON4M stainless steel cages have burnished edges for comfort and the material does not absorb fluids.
There are five main areas of concern for you and your Keyholder:

✓ Day to day care
✓ Urination
✓ Drying your cage
✓ Chafing
✓ Long-term care

Day to Day Care
Every day, your shower or bath provides an automatic daily cleaning and hygiene self check. Wash the cage (and its precious contents) last. If you soak in the tub, stand and wash the cage and your penis last. You don’t want to soak either in dirty water.
Throughout your day, nearly any cage may cause slight discomfort especially when crossing your legs. Don’t ignore these mild symptoms; make discrete adjustments. Short-term irritation can lead to other difficulties if left alone.

Just Like a Girl! Urination
Commercially available penis restraints accommodate strong urine streams. Nevertheless, spraying accidents occur. Earn brownie points when you ask your Keyholder to punish your forgetfulness or, worse, a sticky, smelly mess. Punishments for these transgressions should be aversive — you must keep the washroom clean and odor-free.

After washing, air drying is usually sufficient. If you’re in a hurry or extra wet, carefully use an air dryer on low. Remember, steel heats faster than cocks!
If your ring or cage irritates you, take care of it immediately.

BON4Max Superior Male Chastity Package in Stainless Steel

Supervised release
Do this in the presence of your Keyholder so there is no chance of you stealing even a tiny bit of unauthorized sexual pleasure! Dry, then clean the affected areas with mild anti-bacterial soap. Talcum powder, especially those with added menthol, provide immediate relief and help dry out the area. Remain uncaged long enough to fully relieve the condition. Make a game with your Keyholder to keep you chaste while uncaged.

Fully Committed to Chastity? Dominant Professional? Long-Term Care?
Occasionally deep clean cages . This is especially important for professional use by multiple subs. Be sure to clean every part of the device. Soak each part in boiling water or alcohol of 62% or greater, or both. Air-dry before use.

To deep clean your BON4M stainless steel cage, completely disassemble your BON4M: cage, locking pin, spacer and CBR. Then use your chosen method of deep cleaning and dry the parts using a clean cloth. During a cleaning release, your Keyholder can put you in a BON4 silicone cage. Order your set today to surprise your Keyholder.

BON4M Series for those serious about Male Chastity