All genuine BON4 products are always shipped with FedEx from the Netherlands.

BON4Micro extra small chastity cage
(1.97″) in stainless steel for
sissies and the less endowed
NEW BON4Micro  US$ 249.00
BON4M male stainless steel
chastity cage for the small
and m
edium sized cock (3.54″)
NEW BON4M  US$ 259.00
BON4ML large male steel
chastity c
age to keep a long
under lock (4.33″)
BON4MLarge  US$ 269.00
BON4MXL extra large male steel
chastity cock cages (5.67″)
for the very large dicks
NEW BON4MXL  US$ 289.00
BON4Mplus quality male chastity package
that contains the very small
& small
cock cages (1.97″ / 3.54″)
NEW BON4Mplus small  US$ 324.00
BON4Mplus quality male chastity package
ideal for the medium &
sized dicks (3.54″ / 4.33″)
NEW BON4Mplus  US$ 339.00
BON4Mplus large dual package
that comes with the large & extra
large cock cage (4.33″ – 5.67″)
NEW BON4Mplus large  US$ 359.00
BON4MExtreme special package
for kinky male chastity games –
extreme humiliation
NEW BON4MExtreme  US$ 349.00
BON4Max stunning high quality very
complete male chastity package
comes with all rings and cages
NEW BON4Max  US$ 489.00
stainless steel cock cages (4.33″)
to keep a long dick controlled

Previous BON4M Series  US$ 169.00
PROMO BON4Mplus Combi Set
contains different steel cock cages
+ 4 solid C&B rings

Previous BON4M Series  US$ 209.00
Additional Solid Rings Previous BON4M Series
add to your order, or purchase separately, any of the 6 different sizes of solid (closed) rings
Previous BON4M Series  US$ 24.00
BON4 Catnails is the Ideal gift for your
Keyholder. Kinky sharp chromed nails to
tease your erogenous zones. Fun!
Available in 3 sizes  US$ 34.00
Plastic Seal Locks individually numbered
to keep your dick controlled at all times.
Perfect for security gates.
3 colors / 10 pack  US$ 5.90
BON4 original & comfy male
silicone penis tube (3.46″) with
standard 4 ring sizes

BON4  US$ 159.00
BON4L large silicone cock
(4.33″) in high quality clear
transparent silicone

BON4L  US$ 159.00
BON4plus complete silicone
chastity package (3.46″ + 4.33″)
that offers comfort
BON4plus  US$ 204.00
BON4 kinky cock cage (3.46″)
to keep the small & medium sized
flaccid dick under lock
BON4 Transparent Red US$ 159.00
BON4L large dick cage (4.33″)
with 4 different sizes of flexible
silicone cock and ball rings
BON4L Transparent Red US$ 159.00
BON4plus kinky male chastity cages
(3.46″ + 4.33″) to stay focused and
devoted to your Keyholder 24/7
BON4plus Transparent Red US$ 204.00