Measure That! Which BON4 Fits?

Selecting the BON4 cage that fits you best begins with measuring your dick. No, not your expanded size, but shrunken to an unaroused state — proper for a caged male. Still sticking up? Beg your Keyholder to slap it down or, if alone, use an ice pack on that bad boy. Shriveled at last? Good. BON4Max Superior Male Chastity Package in Stainless Steel In the black velvet bag is your cage, 6 cock and ball rings (CBR), 3 retainer pins, each with a sleeve, and 2 locks and keys. Follow these instructions carefully to get a good fit. You’ll need a ruler.
  1. Place the ruler under your shaft, up against your ballsack — we’re measuring for fit, not bragging rights. Note your flaccid length on the paper. Not your favorite stat? Tough. Get used to it.
  2. Compare your measurements to the length tables to find the best fitting BON4. Your Keyholder may require you to obtain a slightly larger cage than ideal to allow you limited, frustrating growth, or perhaps your Keyholder will squeeze you into a tighter cage for your own good.
  3. BON4 steel cock cages come with six sizes of cock and ball rings (CBR), so experiment to determine the best fit. The size of your CBR is critical. Too tight and you may chafe, a dangerous and uncomfortable result. Too loose a ring frustrates your Keyholder’s confidence in your security. If no ring quite fits, BON4 can supply other sizes.
  4. Finally, a few more experiments will reveal which combination of retainer pin and spacer provides the best gap between the cage and the CBR. Once the pin is screwed into place, your Keyholder will snap the lock shut. You’ll now do whatever your Keyholder commands, won’t you?
Be sure to thank your Keyholder for the training opportunity. Spare CBRs, rings and sleeves can be linked for storage with large paper clips or string.